Welcome to my croquet website.  I play Association Croquet and hope to achieve high UK and World rankings in my chosen sport, as well as show the world that 'Croquet is Cool!'. Please check back every now and then to see updates about croquet, my personal journey through training and tournaments and information about latest news and events.



I am Alison Jones, and I confess, I just love to play croquet! Having watched my dad play in tournaments over the last 25 years, I have always had a reasonable understanding of the game.  In August 2013 I went to watch my dad play in Cheltenham, which is where my competitive nature finally spurred me to join a club in September 2013.

Who am I?
I own my own small company called 'Alison's Websites', creative name don't you think?  And not to state the obvious, but we make websites.  I very much enjoy running my own company and being my own boss, I am very grateful to my employee, clients and suppliers who have all been equally supportive with my new ambitions on the croquet lawn. Although my poor husband should be the one receiving the award.  I am sure not many husbands hear the words 'Honey, I'm just off to the lawns for an hour or so', and return six hours later with a detailed description of a 'hitting in' training session. My passion used to be dancing, but somehow disco dancing at the age of 34 doesn't seem to be an appropriate activity.  You might think a similar thing about croquet, with me being a little younger than many of my club buddies, but I am here to show you that croquet is most definitely for all and most importantly it's for those of us with a passion for competition.

My statistics
Birth Date: 25th August 1981
Birth Place: Aylesbury (Home Town: Milton Keynes)
Height: 5ft 1in
Weight: 48 kg
Mallet Grip: Irish Grip
Club: Surbiton Croquet Club